About Us

Nearly 30 Years of Experience in the Janitorial and Cleaning Industry


Since the founding of the company in the fall of 1989, our growth has been steady. I started with a bucket and a few over-the-counter cleaning products. I got our first client through an ad in the business pages of the local paper. I did the best job I could possibly do so as to please my customer. From there someone else saw my ad and called.

That customer was also very pleased and referred me to a friend. It literally went on from there. A year later Danny got us our first commercial client, who was a co-worker of his that owned a medical building. As the years went by opportunities of various kinds came our way because of business contacts we’d meet, and networking.

And that led us to get invitations to work on military bases doing construction site. That became our specialty. And those humble beginnings gave us our start.

Tribute to Danny Goodman, my beloved husband…

Here is the tribute :  ” UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN , MY LOVE… UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN ”  I will conduct my life with honor , until we meet again

We’ll meet up over yonder, when next we meet again.

With joy I’ll run into your arms… remembering how your closeness warms

Heaven’s peace with no alarms… the place we’ll meet again.

I live with silent anguish now , until we meet again    I must go on, but don’t know how , until we meet again

My only comfort’s knowing you’re in Loving Hands so strong and pure     You’ll wait for me, of this I’m sure… until we meet again !

Poem by Darcella Goodman in honor of my sweet guy, my husband of 34 yrs. Danny Earl Goodman, who left us so suddenly on March 1, 2015.