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How to Start or Transform Your Cleaning Business to Service Airbnb Hosts

Why G-Pro Janitorial & Training, LLC?

G-Pro Janitorial and Training, LLC has contracted for commercial and domestic maintenance cleaning for over 27 years.  We now specialize in teaching entrepreneurial principles in the janitorial industry.

Join our workshops to learn how to professionally clean your home as an Airbnb Host or how to start and run your own Airbnb cleaning crew as a janitorial entrepreneur.  Our goal is to help you run a 21st-century based business in janitorial that accommodates the new way people live, work, play, and travel.

G-Pro is certified WBE/MBE/DBE company.  For several years we have specialized in contracting for realtors and construction site clean-up on military bases. Now we will be teaching workshops and providing virtual training that will introduce this field to people who want to pursue a janitorial business that is based on how things are changing in the 21st-century.  For those who have an excellent work ethic, this can be a very lucrative field, this field has untapped potential.

We target the disadvantaged, veterans, military, and anyone who is entrepreneurial minded. Join our workshop series and join our online community.

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Through our training workshops, you will learn:

Entrepreneurial Training Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Techniques

Learning How and Why to Use Biodegradable/Organic Cleaning Products

Service Prep Training for Professional Hotel Maintenance

As a 21st-Century Janitorial Industry Entrepreneur, Your Money-Making Possibilities are Endless!

As part of the participation fee, cleaning appointment leads from potential clients will be provided to those that qualify via G-Pro’s high standard for quality.  Additionally, you will receive mentorship from G-Pro for one year after your workshop.  We will work together to build your future as a successful cleaning professional freelancer or entrepreneur.  We offer our workshops in association with CoIncubative Corp.

$199 Per 2-Part Workshop